What is Upperct?

Upperct is a new way to find the latest funny, interesting, crazy or just generally worthwhile videos on Youtube.

Yes, we pronunce it the same as Uppercut: [ˈə-pər-ˌkət].

Can't I just use Charts on Youtube.com?

Sure you can. They suck though. The music video for Gangnam Style by Psy currently has over 1.6 billion views, which means that it will stay as number one in the Alltime charts pretty much until we all have died from old age. After that comes some crap by Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez and so on. Even if you go down to "Top viewed this week" there's mostly commercial stuff that has appeal to 10 year olds and other people with limited mental development.

How does Upperct work?

You, the visitor, votes and posts new videos. However, the special part here is that each vote declines in value over time. By each passing second, a vote is valued less and less until it is worth just 0.01 one week later (or 604,800 seconds later to be exact). The sum of all votes is then calculated and presented as the "Score" next to each video. All the videos on the site are then ranked by this score.

You can always vote once per video, but if you want to vote more times on each video or if you want to post videos, you'll have to register. No worries, it's a painless affair and we promise, we'll keep the little data you give us secret.

For good sport, you get 3 free votes when you register. There are two ways that you can earn more:

  • Each time somebody votes for a video that you have posted, you earn an extra 0.25 votes.
  • Next to each video, there is a share link that is unique for you and that video. Each time somebody new visits the link, you earn an extra 0.25 votes.

So, go ahead and share those awesome videos with everybody you know! Just remember to log in before you copy the link!

If you find post a new video on Youtube and share it to your friends through Upperct, you will as a bonus also reach a new audience of viewers who like quality clips just like you do.

Hmm, can't somebody game this voting system?

We check the users IP addresses to make sure that nobody over-votes from the same computer. While it's surely possible to use different addresses by hiring asian "consulting" services, renewing DHCP addresses, purchasing Amazon Mechanical Turk work etcetera, it's a lot easier and a lot cheaper to just use the allowed mechanisms above to get more votes.

This all sounds jolly good, I say! How may I get in contact with you chaps?

If you have questions, problems or even better, new ideas, feel free to contact us by mailing feedback@upperct.com